Dream about Owls Chasing Me

Dream about owls chasing me stands for your adaptability and yielding persona. You are looking for a sense of security or calmness in your life. You are keeping some secret or withholding some information. This dream symbolises fear of being exposed. You are drawn to a flashy lifestyle which may not necessarily be who you […]

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Dream about Climbing A Ledge

Dream about climbing a ledge is a signal for your general dissatisfaction in your daily life. You are experiencing an isolation period. You need to spring into action quickly. Your dream is a sign for aspects of your relationship with your close friends, including difficulties/support. You need to verbalize your feelings and thoughts. Climbing a

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Dream about Seeing Egg Yolk

Dream about seeing egg yolk is a sign for security, love, comfort, support and unconditional or unquestioned love. You are giving up. You are seeking for better understand of your Self and of your origins. This dream is a sign for the spirit of competition. You are expressing your concerns about your health. Seeing egg

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Dream about A Run

Dream about a run is about personal empowerment. Perhaps you are afraid of being scrutinized for your actions or being judged by others. You need to appreciate the different experiences in your life even though they are not what you may be accustomed to. The dream refers to confinement and restraint. Perhaps, you are being

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Dream about Seeing Triple

Dream about seeing triple signals the shadow aspect of yourself and your primal instincts and natural senses. You may be expressing a desire to be more dominant in some situation or relationship. You have second thoughts about some investment. It is sometimes rebirth preservation and protection of something valuable. You have control of your own

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Dream about Seeing Killing

Dream about seeing killing is great strength, fierceness and might. You are the voice of dissension and are going against the popular opinion. You are misusing your energy. This dream expresses potential, possibilities and the ability to create. You have a positive outlook in life. Seeing killing dream is a portent for cleanliness, compassion and

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Dream about First Class

Dream about first class is about a bridge between your earthly, grounded self and the higher, spiritual self. You are involved in some love affair. You may be overlooking something important. Your dream hints childhood joy and light-hearted fun. You have a fresh outlook in life. First class dream is a clue for a long

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