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Dream about Receiving Clothes

Dream about receiving clothes is a hint for your ability to control and watch what you say. You are in tune with your intuition. You are looking for some spiritual guidance and fulfillment. This dream suggests anticipation or opportunity. You need to break up the issues and attack them piece by piece.

Receiving clothes dream is an omen for opportunities or problems. You are trying to look at things from someone else’s angle. You are trying to understand the other person and see things from their perspective. This represents unresolved feelings or problems from childhood. It is time to make some dramatic changes.

If you dreamt about receiving clothes:

receiving clothes dream

Whether it’s your job, your relationship, your family or your dreams for the future, you will feel the need to resolve or at least clarify deep issues right now. Be careful when doing this, as you may feel the urgency more than others who are involved. Focus this “getting to the bottom of it” energy on yourself, and benefit from the rigorous activity it demands. Your own body might benefit if you can turn your mental energy into physical exercise. With focus, it can be done.

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Dream about receiving a coat as a nice gesture

Saylee Jerry

I received used clothes in my dream . Trouser, shirt and shoes

Chinyere Patience

Some one was buying a clothes and she said I should help her and select, then I know saw they one I like and told her I like this one and she said I should take


Dream about receiving a torn jersey shirt from a basketball player.


I dreamt of walking and someone gave me floral one piece dress. It had red small flowers pattern in white. When I wanted to return the dress, that stranger was already gone


Dream about receiving a box of clothes containing floral dresses and tops from my childhood crush..

fabian bamidele

i received new clothes and
a pair of shoes from an uncle


I got a parcel of an off-white new dress in a dream.

Lady joy

I dreamt that ny dad bought me and my lil sister a new clothes and I was trying it and it fits perfectly
It has many colors


i dream of a prophetess in the church give me new cloths and shoes that was made to donate to everyone in the church


I dreamt that i was traveling at first, then i got overcharged and the driver left me on the road.I also dreamt that i was driving down a hill, then i tried to apply the knowledge of driving and then i was steady again. I then went to my karate class, and someone called me outside and gave me some baby clothes and toys, i actually recieved alot of baby items in two big bags.


I dreamt that I found myself in a church and was handed a robe to wear which is called Agbada.I noticed that some selected people worn same colour and they are guys and I’m the only female.


My daughter in law tells me I can have all the clothes she has left behind. Everything is beautiful


Dreaming where someone is sharing cloths to people and I collected mine and my sister own and hold it


I had a dream about my deceased grandmother giving me traditional clothes that I loved.


Thank you.


Somebody giving you and your siblings cloths in a dream


I had a dream the person I like gave me clothes of his favourite colour and left I felt happy and weared it and it felt like future.


I dream of receiving new trousers from my father


I received pink & white baby clothes as a gift from my cousin


someone i dont know giving some some clothes.the clothes were in a pile


I dream that my brother gave me a pile of new silk embroidered blouses – chinese style. He also had his new silk shirts in the pile, which he took. I was about to wash all the blouses but realised if I did they would be ruined so didn’t wash them. I didn’t say thank you.


I had a dream about my boss where he was burning some of his clothes and he gave me some good ones


Being changed clothes wearing what looks like a uniform white shirt and green skirt


I dreamt that a friend of mine was giving out her old clothes to myself and a few other people ….and the sharing process, I thoroughly screened through the clothe clothes and handpicked the ones I really needed whiles others were just choosing any. (The clothes were quite a lot and it was mixed; from dresses to trousers to tops… everything except shoes)
What does it mean


Dreamt about receiving a green cargo pant


i dreamed about receiving a new beautiful uniform like clothes from my mother’s friend (i feel like i don’t know her in real life, i also forgot the face) but yea i was happy to receive it, also my mother gave me jewelries, i haven’t worn anything they gave because i was wrapped in the towel because i was going to take a bath, but before i take a bath i decided that i’ll picture myself (bathroom mirror) because i was also happy that i fixed my camera, but i decided i want my hair wet for the pic


Thank You! Again (<3) for replying i appreciate it very much, and the interpretation.. is very much accurate, thank you!


My husband who has separated from me, gave me some pairs of trousers all in a nylon bag but i rejected it and I later collected it from him in my dream


Dream of my teacher giving me a summer dress to play sports


i dreamed of picking a cloth( African Cloth) as gift in an open lottery


Dream about warking in a new school and I and my colleagues were giftd lots of mayerials to use and sew clothes. And am the head.


I had a dream my cousin gave me some new clothes and trousers


I had a dream, my boss gave me his cloth in front of other employees and they all said the cloth could only fit me.

Olayemi Philip

In my dream I saw my old friend giving me his used clothes and when I take All the clothes he then told me he didn’t want to give them to me anymore


I dreamt someone buy for me 2 Dress


Please what does it mean if in my dream, my grandma called me for a discussion and on reaching there, she took off the long sleeve she was putting on and gave it to me??

Amarachi ogeh

A good family friend gave me so many colorful dressed…..to many types of those dresses that I wanted to share some to my close friend….pls interprete this dream.


I saw myself with one girl receiving odd clothes and pillow from somebody.