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Dream about A Rush

Dream about a rush is unfortunately a person in your life who is greedy and unscrupulous. You feel that you are going nowhere or in a state of stagnation. You are literally stuck in a rut. It means balance or lack of balance in your life. You have dug yourself into an emotional hole.

A rush dream symbolises your need to feel protected. You have been holding back some of your true feelings for too long. You are lacking confidence in what you are doing. This dream is an evidence for your ability to survive through shame, misfortune and embarrassment. Somebody may be keeping a short leash on you, where you are lacking the freedom to act independently.

If you dreamt about a rush:

a rush dream

You may feel encouraged to speak out a little more strongly than you have done of late. If you are not happy about a certain reoccurring situation, then the extra courage you feel will give you the ability to say so, and in no uncertain terms. You need to remember how you did this, and use this strength more often.

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