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Dream about Baby Centipede

Dream about baby centipede hints your emotional ups and downs. Your emotional wounds are beginning to heal. Perhaps there is something that are you trying to hide. This dream stands for your approach to life. You need to take more of a leadership role.

Baby centipede dream points to some psychological business that you need to work on. You are walking on a thin line and need to balance aspects of your life carefully. There are some aspects of yourself that you have denied. The dream is sometimes your over-reliance on others. You are feeling unfairly treated.

If you dreamt about baby centipede:

baby centipede dream

Some new people who appear interesting could move into your neighborhood and excite your curiosity. Spiritual or metaphysical conversations could take place today over the phone or over coffee. The concepts might be deep, exalted, and inspiring, yet bring up more questions than answers. Books on the subject could prove enlightening. You might even want to write down your thoughts or memorialize them in a drawing or painting.

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