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Dream about Baby Seal

Dream about baby seal is a signal for power, confidence, beauty and grace. You need to establish a clear timeline and lay your groundwork for success. You need to draw the support from those around you. This is a symbol for an idealistic relationship. You are learning something new about yourself.

Baby seal dream is a clue for the goals you have in your life. You feel abandoned. You have a sunny disposition and great leadership ability. This is a message for the sun and positive energy. You are unprepared in undertaking the project at hand.

If you dreamt about baby seal:

baby seal dream

There is quite an intense energy in the air. An idea may stir you into action, and no matter what the reality of the situation may be, you decide to make a significant move.

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on the beach i came across baby seal and dolphin. dolphin was taking care of baby seal as it has noone, it accepts me and allows me to play with them. un fourtunately seal fells into a deep tank, i try to help it but the tank is too deep.others want me to leave it.but i can’t,so i made a plan to rescue her and tried to get help no one bothers to help me. finally a stranger came forward. to gather supplies we need to cross a rail bridge. i hate to cross under one fear of it collapsing. strangely before crossing it collapses and pushes me in the water. the shore was beautiful with resting animals like whales, sharks, and a family of pigeon flock following me on the shore, baby shark trying to bite me… but i cant stop feeling guilty of the baby seal which was separated from the dolphin and wasn’t able to rescue it. i got up with startle…


I had a dream I had a baby harp seal a white one as a pet/ I was caring for it. It was very adorable and attached to me and I loved it very much. There was a point I was in a car with her and she got too warm and started panting. I went into a 711 and got a big gulp of ice water and she went crazy drinking it. I was pouring it on her and she loved it. So I took her home and made an ice bath for her and she loved that too! I think that was all I can remember. So cute and random