Dream about Being In A Running Race

Dream about being in a running race is a symbol for the direction of your life and the decisions you have made along the way. You are literally moving in circles and going nowhere. You are feeling insignificant in some relationship or scenario. The dream stands for your subconscious desires. You need to incorporate what you have learned with your experiences.

Being in a running race dream denotes some unexplored or untried experiences. Perhaps you have made a decision that is not sitting well with you or that you are doubting. You need better understanding of something. The dream points at your need to speak up about something. You need to get rid of the burden that you have been carrying around with you.

If you dreamt about being in a running race:

being in a running race dream

Feed your mind today. While you enjoy being active and social, you do get bored quickly. You’ll need to give yourself a constant supply of intriguing, fresh material in order to feel your best. Explore an interesting subject or learn a new hobby. Stimulate your mind and your body will become more energetic. Go online if you can’t get away.

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