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Dream about Being In The Purge

Dream about being in the purge stands for feelings of vulnerability and hostility. You are afraid of feeling unneeded or abandoned. You have to live with the consequences of your own decisions. It hints the womb and the feminine. You are protecting yourself from getting hurt.

Being in the purge dream signals the womb and nurturance. You need to get your life in order. You need to look at the big picture. This suggests fertility and abundance. Perhaps you feel that you have been overlooked by others.

If you dreamt about being in the purge:

being in the purge dream

You may feel like you’re walking a tightrope. One wrong step will cause you to tumble to the ground. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. You may see things as life or death situations when what’s required now is an upbeat attitude. If you insist on making things more complicated than they need to be, you may turn away the very people who can help you.

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I just wanna know why this happens because I woke up shaking alot but I calm down in a few min


i’ve had this dream for a year now. and still wake up with my heart pounding. even when i fall back asleep. the dream continues


What if we are killed within the purge by sniping someone in a tree and his friend comes down from another tree suggesting you come out or he will personally come and find you, so you come out and try explaining yourself when theres nothing to explain. Then it turns into you trying to kill him but he forces you down and cuts your left leg not deeply but your right hand deeply like you would with a blood promise but the feeling of being cut in your dream feels like it relives something and this man cuts you whenever he thinks you werent bleeding enough and you die of blood loss. So you wake up and feel scared like someone is watching you and your mouth is dry but youre too affraid to drink your water thinking its posioned.however you calm down but the shaking doesnt leave and youre too worried to sleep again.


i have never been so scared before im always dreaming of things like zombies, getting stabbed in the neck, the purge, drowning, and ghosts i dont know why i cant ever have a happy dream i only remember the scary ones


i have had ten dreams of the purge

Shawn Dave

The fact that these comments are so recent does not sit well wth me. I dreamed I was part of the Purge with my sister, and we were in a house with other kids and had to survive. As the lone survivors, we were being hunted down. In fact, everyone who survived was being hunted down.


I know right . Just had a dream about it right now and I’m looking through the comments to calm down .


Weird how everybody is dreaming about this. I just woke up from it . A kid started screaming first while crying that “Hell is here” and repeatedly. Then the chaos happened everyone was killing or trashing everything. Is it somehow related to what’s happening now in real life? Or is it a vision in a form of a dream , given to the randoms ,of what’s going to happen due to the current issues such as the pandemic? Black lives issues? Etc


i just had one but when i sleep i always dream about the same story but different times of the story does that make sense? so when i sleep for a long time i usually start from the beginning to the part where i wake up but i never end the dream.When i take a nap i dream about little storys involving the purge but it adds to my story so basically ive been dreaming the same dream now for a year

Lyam PC

its a sign of the times to come


I keep having the dream too but it’s not chronological for me. It just keeps starting at the beginning every time but the beginning is different. The only common theme is that I am in my dads house with my 2 year old son. I wake up right before I am killed.

Jai Smith

I just had a dream about the purge. I was with my family at home when I hear screams coming from outside. It was white people shooting down at blacks even catching some and throwing them into a van. I quickly grabbed my Glock and Ar-15 and posted near the door while forcing my family to hide in the basement and barricade it. Now it was me and my cousin on the frontline. He had a shotgun and was ready to kill anything that came across the door. Time goes on and we hear screams at our door we peek to see a man being hunted screaming for help. We ask the man to take his clothes off and turn around to make sure he was unarmed. Quickly I open the door and as soon as I step out to let the man in I look around having 7 beams on my head. A voice told me to walk forwards and drop my guns. I did that then hear my cousin shoot his gun, but the random man tells him to stop or they would kill me. They threw a bag on my head and I was thrown into a car. When they removed the bag I was in the CDC and they tied me down. They told me they were going to infect me with COVID-19 and were going to inject the developed vaccine. They threw me into a room full of others filled with blacks, hispanics, asians, etc. After that I was brought into a room where they were getting ready to inject me. I see the need slowly start approaching my vein and before it could touch I woke up.

If I pick up on this dream you guys want updates??

Markayla brow

Y’all I just woke up from my purge dream and I was asking my mama can we hide in the attic and I was hiding things and muting stuff. I had a bat with me and it was something else too but I forgot what it was but it was so scary and I texted my dad and I said that I wish he was here cause he was somewhere idk.

Ashlynn Vaughn

I just had a dream where I was in a nicely spaced out two story home but I was with a man who looked like he was smart with technology yet he didn’t have any barricades on his doors and windows during the purge which made me angry and panic. He had the same personality as the guy who tried stealing the dinosaur eggs from Jurassic park, rude and selfish. I ended up kicking him out (of his own home), but as that happened, he suddenly turned into my aunt and I felt bad but I couldn’t trust anyone to keep me safe but me. The look on her face made me feel awful, she was hurt. (Idk if the house belonged officially to me or my aunt.) The worst part of the dream was the suspense of checking each door and window one by one in the whole house to see if everything was locked and if anyone had gotten in, it was terrible. No killing or hunting, just suspense, it was terrifying…now I’m going to be paranoid all day…

Wendy Gonzalez

I just woke up terrified shaking dreaming about being in the purge. Me and my family didn’t think it was fr because it’s like wow we really came down to this? But eventually the dream took place infront of my house. A bunch of white people tried to kill me and my family (were Latinos) and our black neighbors were protecting us. But the white people killed 3 of them. Eventually all of our other neighbors of different races came and killed off the white people. As racist as this sounds, it’s uncomfortably true. This is America where white is superior against any and every race.


Dude you had a dream 2 days before me, and im really sorry to hear our race is the ones who come on top because theres a lot of races that are so much better. Kinda weird how people keep having these purge-like nightmares in 2020


So one day ago, I dreamed about surviving the purge with my family. The purge, birdbox, and many horror-survival movies are the happenings that I dreamed about. It happened in my in real life house/where I live right now; and in the end, my grandfather I and were the last survivors in our family 🙁 Technically, the last horror happening was birdbox and that was the time my mom and dad looked and they died.


I keep having dreams about the purge or situations similar where I am being hunted down and in a lot of the dreams I’m always looking for a place to hide specifically in my garage or in the ceiling. It’s been happening for a while I don’t think I’ve had a normal dream in like a year.


I keep on having the same dream of a purge in a large hall where I turn into an assassin out of self defence and slit everyone’s throats to survive. At the end it is a competition and I was the winner but I didn’t go up to collect the award.


Uh I literally just looked up what it means if you have a dream about being in a purge- I didn’t know that many people had a dream about that- In the dream, I was hanging out with my friend and we went outside where both of our parents were talking, and my mom was upset, and I asked her why, and she told me that there was a purge going on- This whole day Ive been scared of a purge going on and being scared to death. Bye-


I keep dreaming me and my family are being followed by a group in a big red truck . And we leave and just drive then the truck ends up finding us again and we start running again they then find us in a store that was broken into and we leave out the back way . I break a car window with my elbow and they saw us leave the store from the back door and chases us . Then I wake up. This dream makes me feel on edge the next day with everything and makes me worried .

malaki fake name

I keepy haveing dreams about a purge and my body ripped apart every time and it is weird,I dont know why i keep gettubg them and i keep seeing my family members die in my dream Like my brother died and got hit and my sister got kidnapped by people and i seen my brother drown in a other dream and i seen him fl ying or his spirit flying by my dads car and it is weird, cause these come once in a while