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Dream about Being Lifted Up In The Air

Dream about being lifted up in the air expresses an issue, a person or a feeling that is dominating you. It may take perseverance and time before you see progress. You have a strong competitive side. The dream points to devotion, faith and spiritual enlightenment. You have blended into the background.

Being lifted up in the air dream is an evidence for success, social status, sophistication and prestige. You are indecisive. It is time to take a breathe. This is an indication for peace of mind and satisfaction in your professional and personal life. You have trouble expressing yourself in a personal relationship.

If you dreamt about being lifted up in the air:

being lifted up in the air dream

You can get some real hands-on experience today. This is the opportunity to talk through something with a close partner or friend. You may be working through a difficult subject, and as this will most likely be a very delicate and intimate conversation, you will learn a lot about your own reactions and theirs. The current celestial configuration will make sure that it is a thorough process.

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I dreamed that a tall man 7 foot or taller lifted me up in the air


I dreamt that cherubs were flying me in the air and below me I could see people I knew that were unhappy, others sneering at me. A voice kept telling me do not fear


I was in bed and a force pulled at my blanket and I was lifted up without control . I screamed and woke up.