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Dream about Being Locked Up

Dream about being locked up means your anticipation of a trip. You are feeling conflicted by your goals and between making others happy or making yourself happy. You need to be patient. The dream is about your fun-loving personality and open-minded perspectives on life. You are expressing your desire to make up.

Being locked up dream points at your influence and power over others. You are feeling disconnected with one of your parents. You need to look at things from a different level in order to gain a new perspective. It is an indication for power honor, influence, pride and status. You are feeling snappy.

If you dreamt about being locked up:

being locked up dream

You are moving through a very high-energy period in which it is easy for you to get burnt out on the work you are doing. Take time to relax – especially during the afternoon. Go home early if you are able to. Be lazy and tend to your personal needs.

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I was thrown in solitary confinement for speaking out. I had to clean everything I did there by myself with a hose. They let me out for a short period of time and I got to an event. I saw colleagues from work and one I identified as also being locked up. I started telling them I was locked up and to send me stuff if they could (there were also a couple celebrities there). While saying that I cried and walked/got taken away and screamed ill die for this world twice.