Dream about Big Goose

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Dream about big goose is a harbinger for your need to relax and escape from work or school. You need to look at things from a different perspective. You are spending too much time on counterproductive activities. This hints your high aspirations that may be way beyond your reach at the present moment. You need to carefully think through the situation before making a decision.

Big goose dream represents travel plans in your future. You are putting up a front and trying to deceive others. You need to have more cautious in your behaviors to others. The dream is a harbinger for mystery, secrecy and protection. You need to be more frugal.

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If you dreamt about big goose:

big goose dream

Indecision may leave you helpless at a crossroads today. Others may be just as undecided regarding which way to go. At the same time, you may feel pressured to take immediate action, and you're tired of waiting for others to make the first move. Find the answers in simple solutions. There's more than one correct way. Your choice is always the right one if you believe it to be so.

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