Dream about Burrito

Dream about burrito symbolises reluctance in some endeavor. You have lost confidence in yourself and in your ability to move ahead in your life. You need to be careful with what you say. This dream is about a period of healing and regeneration. You just need to relax.

Burrito dream indicates a level of emotional aggression or emotional tension. You are misdirecting or misusing your energy. You are in control of your emotions and are confronting any feelings and inhibitions you have been repressing. Your dream means your subconscious and your underlying thoughts. Perhaps you need to take a break or perhaps you need to break off some relationship.

If you dreamt about burrito:

burrito dream

If you are considering purchasing anything with a partner, whether furniture or an investment, then this could be a lucky day, especially if the item you need is connected with your home in some way. You will be able to spot that amazing bargain, and will also have opportunities to find real treasures. Whether at a sale or in an auction, you will be very pleased with what you buy.

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