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Dream about Bus Accident

Dream about bus accident is a harbinger for exhaustion or powerlessness. You need to start using your inner reserves, skills and underutilized energies, instead of keeping them locked and stored away. A situation in your life requires strategy and careful planning. This dream is a signal for your flexibility and adaptability to any situation. You are putting too much emphasis on outward appearances.

Bus accident dream points at neglected skills or rejected potential. You are feeling sorry for yourself and letting your own negative thinking take over your frame of mind. You have lost your direction in life. This dream is a signal for your concerns, fears and anxieties about the future. You are looking for something that is lacking in your life.

If you dreamt about bus accident:

bus accident dream

Slow down your pace. You are going to burn yourself out by the end of the month if you don’t calm yourself down and relax. Remember that you don’t always have to be operating at full speed in order to be effective in the workplace. Take it easy.

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My dream was about I was on the bus when it was about to crash into a car on a bridge. I closed my eyes tight and put my head down to brace for impact. Soon as the bus hit the car I jumped out my sleep. Please help me interpret this


I dreamed that we were on a school bus and the driver was driving very fast and we were on a small and dangerous road, my colleague looked at me and said he is driving very fast we are going to fall, then the bus turned and we fell from a ravine to the water, the teacher was the first to leave and said let’s go, we have a long way to go, I got off the bus with a blouse full of blood but I was fine, nobody died, what can this mean?

anita knoe

on my way home i was waiting in the center median (jaywallking) . i see a school bus coming and suddendly switched lanes as he got closer and speeded up as he past me.i looked to oncoming traffic and there was another school bus that crashed head on


The dream was of me being on a bus and some people were dying by tubes and branches and the bus got sliced and they weren’t all dying it was like few people by each accident, at the end we arrived to a destination and I got off


I was in a bus and the bus miraculously escaped crashing into an head bar. The bus later colided with a car when it was only I and the driver that were remaining in the bus. I had a cut on my right hand.


I dreamt that I was driving a car up a hill on a busy main road.The brakes wouldn’t work so I went backward and crashed into 2buses. No one was hurt.The next thing I know I’m what I assume is a hospital waiting room with 3 strangers-(1woman and 2men they looked Eastern European and like travellers/homeless) the woman was explaining that her friend 1of the men had saved me but there was something telling me that they were trying to get financial information from me/take advantage so I left but he

Tamara Jordan

dream was about me & this girl I never met before decided to take a bus trip to a special concert we were supposedly best friends my baby daddy‘s mom warned me not to go because she had a bad feeling I didn’t listen to her because we don’t like each other then I started to get a bad feeling about the bus ride and started freaking out eventually I decided to take a taxi while my best friend argued that I was being ridiculous and took the bus I later watched the accident in first person view


I dreampt about how we were going on a school trip and the bus crashed into the forest, any explaination?


I dreamt about being in moving bus with load on top,but suddenly it tilted and summersaulted several times but I wasn’t summersaulting alongside with the bus, rather I came out with a lollipop ? in my mouth.


I dream about we were in a public transportation bus and then almost bump into wall but the bus turns right and then I tell my friends to jump for us to be able to survive. Please interpret.


It was our bus in the dream(really we don’t)was parked in an elevated platform and the wheels behind were not of same height as front’s because the front portion was elevated and they tried to lift that bus to place it on the floor beside it. I was standing in a safe distance on that floor but because of the unevenness it fell on me crashing down. My husband was scolding the persons lifting.Since the bus was not robust and weightless,I just came out of it unharmed. What’s the meaning of this?


Thank you🙂


My mom was driving our truck and I was in the backseat. We were leaving from somewhere (I dont remember) but as we drove it seemed other cars got closer and closer in proximity to us. As we did a left turn the cars were so close we crashed into a yellow bus that was also turning. I saw the front of our truck get crushed halfway crushing my mother as I screamed then I woke up.

Neca perry

I dreamt that I was driving a car and couldn’t find the gas pedal and a bus ended up hitting me in da back but the car only got dented up a little bit. Then I called my mom because it was down the road from her house afterwards the bus driver came to check on me and then got rude. I ended up calling the cops but they never showed but I still had a police report. And the car ended up being parked in my aunts living room

Connor Mullin

I dreamed I was driving a double decker bus without experience. I was struggling to keep it on the road and then the next thing my view changed as if I was driving it from the top deck, looking far down at the small cars and people in front. I panicked a little and swerved and went up on a path, then got it back in the road but hit a jeep in front. I realised I didn’t have a licence and thought I was done for when the police would get here. Quite a sinking feeling…then I woke up

Dianne Benito

I dreamed that I was chasing the bus because my mom, big brother and a friend is in there. I’m running and chasing it because my mom is shouting like “come get yourself in the bus” but I can’t because the bus is so fast. The driver drove so fast. Then there, the bus accident happened. So I run as fast as I can. My friend of mine is safe while my mom and brother are both unconscious. I saw blood. I cry and i say the word I can’t. And then I woke up.


i dream that u was in a bus that is running fast and the bus falls from a skyway

Lukas Madsen

I had this bus accident dream last night, where me and my class were going to a festival, and there was two busdrivers, and they switch in between driving, where the second busdriver was terrible at driving, and drove in between a splitting highway, where we crashed, and i thought quickly and put my seatbelt on in time, and braced on inpact, there was fire, and alot of it, so i hurried outside, but the door was locked, so i smashed it, and pulled everyone outside, and kind of saved the day.


I had a dream I was on my childhood school bus & there was a different lady driving us home. She passed my street & the kids on the bus told her she missed her turn & she kind of panicked & started driving fast because she was late. She started to speed up & causing other cars to drive off the road to miss her. She came up to a sharp turn & I knew she was going too fast so I hung out the window & jumped to safety before turning over being that she slowed down.

G. Hemalatha

I dreamt that I was travelling in a bus along with many peoples and suddenly the bus hits a lorry fastly and crashed but no one is injured including me and I rapidly woke up from that dream and after I feel the same fear i had in dream. what is the meaning of this dream.

G. Hemalatha

Thank you 💜⚡


My drem is about my husband is suddenly become a driver on a bus, and having an acciddent beside the lake but nobody seriously hurt