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Dream about Dog Biting Stomach

Dream about dog biting stomach is about your need to be more responsible and attentive. You are satisfied with mediocrity. You are being denied something that you have earned. This dream draws attention to some young male figure in your life. Perhaps there is a decision that you need to weigh and think through carefully.

Dog biting stomach dream is a symbol for clinginess and dependency issues. You are afraid of letting others get to know the real you. You are in denial. This dream is a portent for your awareness and intuition toward a particular situation. You feel that you are going no where with your life.

If you dreamt about dog biting stomach:

dog biting stomach dream

Miscommunication with a romantic partner could have you either writing or reading love poetry or a story of some kind. It’s more important that you clear up the misunderstanding with the special person in your life. Cheer up. Don’t let your insecurity get the better of you. All isn’t as bad as it seems. The end of the day could bring a passionate reconciliation.

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Spiritually Anonymous

me and my fiancé had a disagreement before we went to bed. and i dreamed of a vicious light brown pit bite him on the tummy and there was a huge puncture wound with blood and a clear fluid, i quickly grabbed the spot after looking at it and i told the dogs off, they were sad i yelled at them but they were vicious. later in the dream i ended up with a gold , white and black versace bracelet, i put it on and i was fiddling with it smiling. when he saw me, he asked what was doing in confusion..