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Dream about Dolphins Jumping

Dream about dolphins jumping signals the importance of teamwork and cooperation in order to achieve the goals in your life. You are having fears of being drowned by the feminine aspect of your psyche. You need to return to the basics. This dream indicates discord and unresolved issues. You need to get up and take action.

Dolphins jumping dream is a metaphor for feelings of insecurity and vulnerability. You need to combine various aspects in order to feel whole. You need to express your anger or sadness. The dream states the merging of various aspects of your character and personality. You fear that you will not meet other’s expectations.

If you dreamt about dolphins jumping:

dolphins jumping dream

Your intentions are in the right place, but you don’t seem to be communicating your thoughts very well. As a result, other people are misinterpreting you. Don’t be afraid to spell things out in a clear and concrete manner. Take extra time if needed.

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My dream Wed 5th Jan 2022
I dreamed I was in a sandy path very rocky I was supposed to be following some people (I didn’t know who they were) the path was very rocky. There were dolphins jumping up between the rocks and some of the rocks were filled with water (luminous). The water was very blue. All of a sudden there was an old woman beside me who had soiled herself I stopped to help her I lost the people in front of me(the dream ended)