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Dream about Driving On A Winding Road

Dream about driving on a winding road expresses your experiences and how you need to learn from them. Perhaps an aspect of yourself is locked up inside and it needs to be expressed. You need to explore all your options no matter how strange or illogical it may be. The dream is a metaphor for healing and acceptance of your new self. You need to put a little more spice and variety in your life.

Driving on a winding road dream is a hint for passive aggressive behavior. An increase in business activities are expected. You need to learn from the past in order to move forward. Your dream is about the wholeness of the Self. You are looking for an outlet to express your personal thoughts and experiences.

If you dreamt about driving on a winding road:

driving on a winding road dream

Information gleaned from friends could find you focusing on a new goal. You may have a lot of ideas about projects you want to take care of, and today you may realize which one has top priority. Start moving! Whatever you do, find out what you need before you start. There’s a chance you might waste time running from place to place looking for necessary materials.

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I was driving down a windy road with tall trees along the side of the road, it was dark, I came along a bend in the road with a white fence on the left side of the road, I saw a woman spirit outlined in gold, she was tall and she waved her arm toward me and I saw gold dust come out from her finger tips and my dad, who has passed, formed in the dust, not sure what was going to happen next because my alarm went off.