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Dream about Flying Straight Up

Dream about flying straight up is a message for strength and longevity. You are who you are. You are feeling lonely. It is a metaphor for success ahead for you. It takes time and effort to hone and improve your skill.

Flying straight up dream points to endurance and freedom. You are a non-conformist. You are utilizing your fullest potential. This dream represents pleasurable endeavors. The odds are working against you.

If you dreamt about flying straight up:

flying straight up dream

An evening at home with your sweetheart could seem very appealing today. Sex and romance are very much on your mind, and you might surprise yourself with how Earthy you feel. You could decide to pick up a romantic novel or see a sexy movie. You could learn to communicate better with your partner today, both verbally and physically. Make sure you look your best, and go for it!

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Hallo, I was teaching in a classroom and had guest speakers on a video call on the TV screen. One was Robert Plant, the famous singer. All of a sudden, I was pulled up and flew straight up and very fast to the top of the ceiling which was very high. When I came down a bit shaken I said that it was the doing of Robert Plant. But nobody seemed to be surprised or impressed. My father was there and I was a bit embarrassed that he now knew who I was and that I could fly. But he was not surprised.