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Dream about Gasoline

Dream about gasoline symbolises growth and fertility. You are feeling defenseless. You are reflecting on your thoughts and emotions. This dream signifies your desires to be in a relationship and your image of the ideal man. You feel that someone is working against you.

Gasoline dream is a portent for emotional intimacy. You are in full control of your emotions and your actions. You feel unconstrained, unrestricted and in charge of the direction that your life is taking. It is a metaphor for harmony, protection, warmth and pleasant and comfortable circumstances. There is something unsettling in your mind.

If you dreamt about gasoline:

gasoline dream

Sometimes beginnings begin in strange ways, especially at the start of a new relationship, and the way you got together. One minute you don’t have a sweetheart, and the next minute they have arrived – just like that. They may not be altogether what you expected – yet great fun!

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I was in a busy shopping mall and saw three thugs dressed in black with black tight fitting face masks running through the crowd with large pouches of “liquid gold”. They were stealing pouches of gasoline.