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Dream about Green Lizard

Dream about green lizard is an indication for your desires to be more connected with your ancestors and understanding of where you came from. You are well protected or that you are being overly guarded. You need to evaluate your surroundings more carefully before making some decision. The dream stands for your display of dominance in some situation or relationship. You are making some character adjustments in order to smooth over a situation or relationship.

Green lizard dream is a harbinger for how you yield to the needs of others. You are using your power against others. You are being prevented to full express yourself. This is about your desires for a more gratifying emotional life. You need to escape from the daily grind and relax.

If you dreamt about green lizard:

green lizard dream

The position of the heavenly bodies encourages the poet within you to make an appearance. Usually you do not care to mince your words, and will tend to get straight to the point in any situation, if this is what is required. However, you feel creative stirrings within your breast and desire to share them with a loved one. Enjoy this burst of inspiration, as your sweetheart surely will.

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veronica ortiz

i dreamed of a bright green lizard iguana type and a bright green snake i felt the feeling of love and nurturing and we were in my home but walls were broken to where i could see outside but i was comfortable, me and my daughter were holding the reptiles close with love and we were kissing tops of their heads petting them