Dream about Having A Fatal Illness

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Dream about having a fatal illness denotes your frustrations about not being taken seriously. You spend your time looking after other people and as a result, neglect your needs. Something is not going your way. Your dream symbolises resentment, jealousy and revenge. Some aspects will not be denied any longer and must be dealt with on a conscious level.

Having a fatal illness dream represents a loss of innocence. You feel somebody is not always there for you. You have obtained your wishes and wants through underhanded tricks. This expresses unexpected changes, frustrations and unpleasant adventures. You are feeling withdrawn and distant.

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If you dreamt about having a fatal illness:

having a fatal illness dream

Cool heads will be needed today, as tempers may flare at work because of frustration with ongoing problems. You might need to take the lead in keeping everyone calm by facilitating clear and open communication. It will be important to keep emotions in check or words will fly that people may regret. This is a temporary situation. Everyone should be back on an even keel as soon as issues get properly aired.

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