Dream about Live Shrimp

Dream about live shrimp signals satisfaction in your professional and personal relationships. You want to rekindle some relationship. You are in a comfortable place in your life. This signals fertility, growth and openness. You are struggling with pleasing both your parents without disappointing the other.

Live shrimp dream signifies your body and the way that you are moving about through life. You want to stray from your significant other. You are taking charge of your emotions and confronting the issues that are bothering you. This dream is an omen for your ability to receive love. There is a message that you need to absorb and incorporate in your daily life.

If you dreamt about live shrimp:

live shrimp dream

If you get the opportunity to talk to that special person today, then just be very aware of what you are actually promising. You may promise the Earth, when you actually have no intention of giving so much. If anything, it is better to offer less than you wish rather than more. At least that way no one will be disappointed.

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