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Dream about Pet Dog Running Away

Dream about pet dog running away is sadly low self-esteem and lack of confidence. You need a strong-willed leader to guide you. Your subconscious is calling you a chicken. This dream is a symbol for your tendency to go with the flow of things instead of taking your own initiative and making changes in your life. You are not following your desired path in life.

Pet dog running away dream signals ignorance, the subconscious, evil, death and fear of the unknown. Betrayal by someone whom you thought cared about your interests. You are having problems with the feminine aspect of yourself. The dream is a hint for your desire to stand out from the rest. You feel that you are losing your identity and your individuality.

If you dreamt about pet dog running away:

pet dog running away dream

But this is no reason to run away and hide! People will be much more honest than usual, even brutally so, and you could learn some valuable information as a result. Don’t be afraid to listen to some airing of dirty laundry as well. With your discerning judgment, you’ll be able to make sense of what is good information and what isn’t.

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Hi, in my dream I was running away from a giant cat with a dog I didn’t know. We outran the cat and then the dream ended. What does that mean?