Dream about Pus Pimples

Dream about pus pimples states your own personal feelings about the your government and its legislation. You are willing to go to any lengths in order to get the information you need. You need your own space, either emotional space or physical space. Your dream states the price you are paying in order to please others. It is time to abort your plans.

Pus pimples dream suggests some sort of realization enlightenment. You need to pay more attention to your intuition and to your emotional side. You are shutting down emotionally. It is a signal for how you are in a position to provide help to others. You are comparing yourself to others.

If you dreamt about pus pimples:

pus pimples dream

Worry about a family member may be on your mind today. This person could be all wrought up over work, money, or possibly a love affair that’s broken off. Say whatever reassuring words you can muster, but don’t expect him or her to respond, and don’t fall into the trap of feeling that your kind words were all in vain. They did register. It’s just going to take this person a while to come to terms with the situation.

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