Dream about Seeing A Queen

Dream about seeing a queen is an indication for a spiritual quest. Your emotions are erupting in an unexpected or violent way. You need to balance work and pleasure in order to succeed in your current undertakings. This is a hint for wholeness, unity, healing, inner peace, spirituality and harmony. You are letting other people control you and take you in a direction that you do not really want to go.

Seeing a queen dream is possibilities and choices. You need to be grounded and realistic. You are avoiding the truth. Your dream is a sign for your hidden potential and latent talents. You need to approach some issue or situation with discipline, precision and planning.

If you dreamt about seeing a queen:

seeing a queen dream

This is a day filled with contrariness. While you are feeling very emotional and in need of being appreciated, cuddled, and told how wonderful you are, your partner may be feeling the opposite and need space and time to go off and do things alone. While this could be potentially hurtful, just appreciate that both of you have different needs right now, and perhaps a compromise is possible.

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