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Dream about Someone I Know

Dream about someone i know is about protection, responsibility, or possession. You can no longer ignore your friends advices. You have a tendency to go against what everyone else is doing or thinking. It points at suppressed or unexpressed feelings that are threatening to surface. A situation in your life may be bringing about some bad feelings.

Someone i know dream is some pent up anger. You are experiencing some anxiety, tension, or fear concerning a new situation in your life. You are not sure of the direction you are headed. It stands for issues of dependency and hopelessness. You may feel that your life is going nowhere or that you are going in circles with your life.

If you dreamt about someone i know:

someone i know dream

Be careful of letting a sour mood ruin your day. You may not feel particularly cheerful. This is liable to have a dramatic effect on everyone else. Be aware of the fact that your mood may not be an accurate reflection of reality, even though for the most part your world is centered on your moods and the dramatic swings they go through within one day.

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