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Dream about Someone Telling You You Have Bad Breath

Dream about someone telling you you have bad breath is someone or something that is plain. You need to find a productive way to express your feelings before it grows out of control. You need to reconsider some issue or situation before committing to it. This dream is a sign for a regression into childhood, where times were more innocent and carefree. You are on the verge of losing your temper.

Someone telling you you have bad breath dream draws attention to someone who may be looking for a relationship with you. The worst of your problems are over. You are hesitant or reluctant in taking the first step toward a goal or decision. It is an alert for a refuge or protection from your emotions. You are hanging around the wrong crowd and are doing yourself more harm than good.

If you dreamt about someone telling you you have bad breath:

someone telling you you have bad breath dream

You prefer to show your love interest how you feel by demonstrating your affection through direct action, such as buying presents, giving them a massage, or taking them somewhere expensive. Today’s celestial configuration means that if you want to show how much you care, you need to talk to your sweetheart. There are certain things they really want to know, and there is no other way to get the message across.

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I had a dream that I was waiting in line with my sister and the lady behind me rudely turned around and told me my vag smelled strong and my breath smelled bad. I responded by telling her this is the second time she has told me this. She responded by saying well that’s a You problem. I insisted that she didn’t know what issues, health wise, that people have. This woman has popped up in my dreams before always saying something about me smelling stink down below and having bad breath.


I met a man who been asking me out and didn’t accept, so right after i met he covered his nose that i have bad breath, I denied. left the place to ask my sibling she said since morning i had bad breath. I went hospital for check up with my uncle and he said just fear but I don’t breath bad. Early after I went for shower and sibling took my phone and start reading my messages with the man I am dating right now screenshot and sent it to a person went out with. I noticed she drop phone and run.


I have had such dreams three times,i dream i want to kiss a love interest but before i do so they tell me my breath smells,so i get up to go brush my teeth…But today was a bit different,when i got up to brush my teeth i see my nephew being hold by someone i do not know….usualy my nephew loves my mom and always is with my mom,so i ask where is my mom,iam told she not around….then i start feeling guilty why i was not there to carry my nephew when my mom is not around…..


I dreamed I sat next this attractive man and while we were talking he told me my breath smelled. I felt embarrassed covered my and walked away.


I dreamt i was talking amongst ppl amd a lady i work with said to me is your breathe smelling so didnt you brush your teeth this morning i kept denying and she keot insisting to myself i thought why is she saying this in front of all tbese people


I dreamt of my grandfather telling me I had bad breathe when I was speaking with someone else it caught my attention I backed up and checked my breath behind my Jean jacket


I dreamed of a little girl telling me that I have bad breath so she pulled up her nose and walked away from me