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Dream about Watching Someone Being Stabbed

Dream about watching someone being stabbed is an omen for a lack of self-esteem. You are experiencing some tension that needs to be released. Perhaps, something is too good to be true. This is an admonition for an aspect of yourself which you have not acknowledged or recognized. You are unaware or oblivious to the problems that are surrounding you and are letting opportunities pass you by.

Watching someone being stabbed dream is a harbinger for someone who is cold or distant. You are dwelling too much on the past. You are one-sided in your ways of thinking. Your dream is about your overly competitive and aggressive nature. You are being overly possessive.

If you dreamt about watching someone being stabbed:

watching someone being stabbed dream

This is a time when you are cordially invited to sit down and analyze your relationships from as many different perspectives as you can manage. The celestial configuration is helping you to see clearly just where you are holding yourself back by your insistence upon relating to others in certain set ways. These are limiting your growth and keeping you locked behind certain defense mechanisms. It is now time to begin removing them.

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I dreamt about someone being stabbed in an open market and a co worker that was with me started rescuing him.


i had a dream where people were getting stabbed all around me, someone was in front of me and i used them as a shield so i wouldnt get stabbed. but it didnt work because they saw me behind the person, they went to stab me in my stomach and i woke up.


My boyfriend was stabbed twice in the stomach with a pencil I seen her do it and there wasn’t anything I could do


My mother was coming out of some sort of glass wall shop, some beggars (mom & son) came to ask for money, she despised them in a racist way. I reached out and told her to respect them to stop. She continued by walking away and the mother of the kid stabbed her.. i grabbed one of them by the neck and tried to asphyxiate him/her. We were walking away again, and i asked her “how many times did they stab you?” She responded “Many”. Looked so pale and dead.


I had a dream that someone that I know stabbed one of my friends (not really like a close friend but more like an acquaintance. They are chasing each other trying to stab on another and I lock myself in the bathroom stall to avoid the situation. Finally I see a blade reach into a stall and I keep screaming, “it’s me, it’s me”. Then finally me and my friend lower our blades. However the guy who tried to stab my friend quickly finds us and he gets stabbed multiple times. I get left alive as he had


I saw two men in my dreams they both in argument i tried to stopped the one who was holding the knife,yet He still stab in the tummy the person,and he handed me the knife with blood,and a piece of cloth on the handle


I had a dream lastnight where my own brother tried stabbing me but I kept dodging him and he never stabbed me. So then he went to try to stab my sister and he managed to stab her in the stomach more than once and I was just watching it happen, like I was frozen, couldn’t believe it.


A Brother to my elder brothers girlfriend stabbed my elder brother in his stomach and they started fighting, he was about stabbing him the second time when I carried a plant to hit him so he won’t kill my brother and that was when I woke up.


Hi, I have seen in dream that my husband was stabbed by a person.

Seeking Answers

I dreamt I stabbed my grandmother 3 times. She died 8 years now and I loved her very much. What does that mean to stab someone 3 times who is already dead and someone I cared deeply about. She even died in my hands 8 years ago.


in my dream i saw my dad (irl who already died a few years ago) getting ready to stab my mom from behind, then my younger brother tried to stop him but my dad did it anyway, stabbing her near the neck. then i followed along the scene going towards my mom and telling my dad to stop already so that i can bring my mom to the hospital right away.


I dreamt about someone I don’t know been stabbed


my daughter dream that my ex came to the house with a knife and entered into my room fussing about how messy it was and he stabbed me and then stabbed himself


I dreamt about getting stabbed but that person saved me and he was the one who got stabbed


I dreamt about hiding with another person to avoid a stabbing then eventually watched someone (not the person I hid with) get chased down and stabbed by a gang.


I had a dream where i was at school and then there was a lock down but people were outside and a guy had a knife and was stabbing some people around me. I didnt die but other people did, i woke up before.


I had a dream where I saw two men fighting and stabbed their selves to death. What does this dream mean


I dream of someone getting stab in the river and I saw they’re dead with their coffins


i dreamed that my son was stabbed i was sitting in the car when he rushed in and sit next to me but he stole drugs from some guys and then 3 men came out of nowhere and the one stabbed him multiple times in the neck, while i was just crying and ask the other guy to tell him to stop stabbing my son. my younger son was also there just staring in shock. we could’nt even help him we were just watching him getting stabbed.then the silence, my son just looked at me with blood pouring from his mouth.


I’ve not even had nightmares for a long time but last night I dreamt I was on a water slide … everyone was stuck so I peered over n my abusive ex was there … a lady who I didn’t even know got up … went to a wall which had a door n that had a sharpe forked garden tool … and she stabbed him with it …. I watched for a second and saw the blood in the water n ran ….


I dreamt about being at my old elementary school and i was running away from my middle school friends in that same school because i had a plate of burger and they all wanted some. I was running away and then i was stranded with my homeroom friend. We were looking where to go and went thru a back door entrance of a buddhism or idk what type of church. We went thru the basement and there was a lady that was grumpy and had a knife, and she killed my homeroom friend with it. I called 911.