Dream about Hunting Sharks

Dream about hunting sharks is a harbinger for fear of what is ahead for you. You are being restrained or inhibited from expressing yourself. You are trying to escape a situation or issue instead of confronting it. The dream denotes your self image. You may be in search for a solid foundation or a firmer […]

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Dream about Card Playing

Dream about card playing is a message for a life-changing decision. You need to try a new interest or pick up a hobby. You are very methodical. The dream signals your desire to fix a situation or relationship. You need to stand back and look at the big picture. Card playing dream is a portent

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Dream about Fried Eggs

Dream about fried eggs is an indication for a summary of your life. You should reevaluate your social and professional standing. You need to keep up with life or else you will be left behind. Your dream is how you measure-up to others. You may be getting closer in confronting and acknowledging your subconscious thoughts.

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Dream about Miniature Baby

Dream about miniature baby suggests a minor setback. You are wigging-out or making a big deal over some trivial matter. You need to keep a close watch on someone or some situation. Your dream is your rational thinking and objectivity. You are looking for guidance and direction in your life. Miniature baby dream stands for

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Dream about Hair Loss Cancer

Dream about hair loss cancer is a challenge that will test your character and ability. You need to reevaluate these emotions and either discard or incorporate them into your daily life. You are trying to keep a certain feeling or hope alive. This indicates femininity and glamour. You need to correct your thinking and readjust

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