Dream about A Black Cat On My Back

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Dream about a black cat on my back is a metaphor for something you want your significant other to do. You need to shield others from your drive and ambition. You are being stubborn about a situation. It is sometimes your need to experience and explore what is available out there for you. You are going against the crowd on some idea or decision.

A black cat on my back dream states repetition. You are second guessing or over-thinking your choices. You have difficulty expressing yourself and tend to overreact. This is a portent for aspects of your relationship with your close friends, including difficulties/support. You think highly of yourself.

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If you dreamt about a black cat on my back:

a black cat on my back dream

You need plenty of room to run now! Bottling up your energy will result in some fireworks you might want to save for later next year. The subtle, mounting stress of your life style, the diversions from regular diet and upset in sleep schedule are things we all experience. You tend to be particularly affected. You are responsible for your emotions, no matter what. Eat tons of garlic and take long runs or walks to burn off excess energy.

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