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Dream about Wearing Army Uniform

Dream about wearing army uniform draws attention to regret in something you did. You are experiencing an alleviation from tension and stress. You are too easily led or too easily influenced. This dream is about your busy life and the lack of time you have. You need to search out more options for some aspect of your life.

Wearing army uniform dream indicates hidden aggression that you need to acknowledge. The rough times are temporary and you will come out of it stronger and happier. You may feel that you are not playing an active enough role in some situation. This points at having or lacking basic control of your life. You have been locking this issue in your subconscious, but it can no longer be ignored.

If you dreamt about wearing army uniform:

wearing army uniform dream

Lock into the practical, grounding force of the day that is not only realistic but also flexible. Attend to details and organize yourself. Be aware that you may need to alter your course a bit in order to fit the group dynamic. Try to work with those around you to achieve a common goal. Initiating the help of others is easier than you think as long as you stay focused and motivated.

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