Dream about A Stream With Clear Water

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Dream about a stream with clear water signals your individualism and qualities that sets your apart from others. An idea has been planted in your mind and new a experience is being created. You need to express your feelings and take in the positive influences in your life needed for personal growth. The dream symbolises both your untamed, natural self and your pure, innocent side. You have something to offer to others.

A stream with clear water dream is a symbol for a budding new love that is blossoming in your life. You feel good about yourself. You are gaining a new perspective on things. This is a portent for a guide to steer you toward the right direction. You are broadening your mind and opening yourself to new experiences.

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If you dreamt about a stream with clear water:

a stream with clear water dream

Today's aspect at play gives you a leg up in exploratory thinking. The ability to recall early experiences or to examine body issues will be enhanced. Try to use this aspect to heighten your awareness of your body. A challenging yoga class will focus your mind and create space for new awareness to emerge. Don't push yourself, but stay on top of the exercise. Accept any resurfacing memories or new self-knowledge without placing judgement.

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