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Dream about Being Chased By Gunman

Dream about being chased by gunman is a portent for your tendency to dominate a conversation relationship or situation. You need to be more careful when offering emotional support as your may be overextending yourself. Perhaps you are in denial that you need any improvement. This dream points to your hopes or your fears of how things will turn out. You are tormented or rejected by society.

Being chased by gunman dream signifies you are in a dead-end job. You need to solve and work out problems with family members if you have some. You should not judge others based on the outside. Your dream is an evidence for feelings of rejection by society. You are sorting things out and carefully thinking it over.

If you dreamt about being chased by gunman:

being chased by gunman dream

There is a strong urge to break out of all kinds of molds and restrictions today, due to the celestial configuration. Revolution is most definitely in the air, and this applies to your relationships, as well. You may feel like displaying an aspect of your personality that you have not revealed before. It is a time to shake off any situations that are holding you back. You simply won’t tolerate them.

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I was hiding and running from gunmen who were trying to shoot me and others.


i walk out from a store and i walk around it looks like a city walk and i see this man just staring at me with a gun walking towards me, i realized that i should run, i ran and he was chasing me but i had powers??? i was able to turn invisible and run away


I was running from a gunman in a mall with others. The strange thing is that he ask me to move out the way and I said “my apologies.” After that he said to come by his shop which was across from the arcade. that’s when I woke up. Do you have any ideas of what that means?


In my dream, I heard a boy crying for help. When I saw where it’s coming ( towards me) I shouted and distracted the gunman, she’s very angry and started chasing me with her gun.


It was at night and my family and I were sleeping by a place that looked like a roadside or an office by the road. We were informed that there were vehicles passing by and stopping by every building. We switched off the lights. Then after sometime there were gunmen that came around but they could not see us.


I had a dream about being chased by gunmen. I was in a mall and I always had the feeling someone was coming for me. I eventually escaped alone while running away. Then I woke up but when I fell asleep again it continued and I saw a different man. I was in a restaurant and I was continously searching for someone that was there to kill me. Put myself in positions to lure him out. man came and he shot at me I was under a table and he was on top shooting at me. I got the gun, shot 2/3 times missed


I escaped a hostage situation, and started to run away ,people with guns started to chase me ,I really ran and tried hiding for a long time ,eventually one of the gunmen was right behind me saying he wil shoot and never did ,I just continued escaping to safety thus dream felt so real.

Anne Cahoon

This was before squidgame.I was alone in a mcdonalds getting a meal, suddenly two people come in with normal robber outfit. we were threatened to stand in a line with both our arms up which we all did. If anyone moved they would be shot and we hands to stand there helplessly and if someone moved to help the injured they were shot. After a few people were shot I couldn’t take it and my arms fell. I then ran out and was shot in both my arms and legs. Police showed up and i was a hero i didn’t die.


I had a dream of a group of Gunmen watching, chasing, stalking me, I don’t know them. And they seem evil with no emotions, not even empathy I felt this scary erring vibe. I dream about this over 5 times and i don’t know what this means…


#3 I run with my son in my arms through the party and people are being shot. I run outside this nice house and I am in a nice neighborhood. I think about going to another house with a party but think that the gunman is more likely to choose that as a target too. I run through a big lawn and consider going through an alley but get woken up.


I was in the neighborhood I grew up in. I had to run to freedom, they seen me running as I tried to hide they found me. I heard footsteps I pulled out my gun I shot one bullet and had no more bullets left. I seen the muzzle to their gun then I woke up.


Thank you I was in an unhealthy relationship working on transformation now

King Aizu

I dreamt that I was being chased all night by multiple gunmen, at first I was hiding in a building where the hunting and chasing all started but then I escaped. But whenever I stopped, someone else had a reason to start shooting at me so I just kept running as fast as I could. By the time I thought I was somewhere safe I was surrounded by gang members who all had guns but they were chill weirdly enough. I was still very scared! Luckily that’s when I woke up.


I dreamt that a gunman was stalking me and later on chased me and I was near death in my dream