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Dream about Alligator Attack

Dream about alligator attack means a lack resources needed to satisfy your needs and desires. Your resources or abilities are being drained. You putting up a defensive wall in an effort to hide your anxieties or shortcomings. Your dream is a metaphor for aspects of yourself that you are still trying to get to know. You may not be expressing your feelings appropriately.

Alligator attack dream points to a lack of confidence or low self esteem. You are experiencing some major emotional turmoil that needs to be confronted and resolved. You are lacking confidence in what you are doing. This dream is a portent for a slippery or elusive situation. You will be provoked into anger and manipulated into retaliation by someone close to you.

If you dreamt about alligator attack:

alligator attack dream

You will be mellower than usual today, and your normal intensive drive may feel a bit watered down. This is fine. Don’t fight it. Taking a more easy-going approach will help you relate to others and get the respect from others that you desire.

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