Basement Water

Dream about basement water means separation from your loved ones. It is time to move on toward the future. Something or someone is holding you back, but you have yet to realize it. Basement water in dream signifies possibilities and choices. You are being protective of the things that are important to you.

Basement water in your dream hints a positive attitude and high self-confidence

There is something that you need to ignite and rekindle in your life. Your subconscious mind is hungering for knowledge or information. Basement water in your dream denotes the end of your journey and the realization of your goals. Someone that you loved and respected in your life may reveal self-confidence and the assertive aspect of yourself.

basement water dream

Basement water dream interpretation is about your need for intimacy and affection

You are stepping up and taking control of a situation. You are exploring your emotions. Dream about basement water is about pleasant surroundings and joyous friendships. You show great discipline.

basement water dream

Basement water in dream is sometimes renewal and clarity

Something in your life maybe causing you to flashback to your experiences. Two parts are coming together as one. Basement water is a message for purity and innocence. Perhaps something is coming to the surface and you are on the verge of some new awareness.

basement water dream

Dreaming of basement water denotes a significant change in the relationship

You have a solid relationship and strong support system. There is a part of yourself that you can always rely on. When you dream about basement water it signifies renewal, a new way of being, a new attitude toward life, or a new approach toward others. You and your boyfriend/girlfriend share something significant.

basement water dream