Bath In River

Dream about bath in river is unfortunately an admonition for deceit and thievery. You are not approaching the problem directly. You are at a phase in your life where you are not quite a child and not quite an adult. Bath in river in dream is sadly an alert for your unwise choices or decisions. Perhaps, you are being too overly protective.

Bath in river dream interpretation is a metaphor for bad management

You are feeling emotionally numb, withdrawn and detached from those around you. There is something that you are not revealing or sharing. Dream about bath in river states deception, incompetence, false impressions, pretentiousness and falsehood. You are not taking responsibility for some matter.

bath in river dream

Bath in river in dream stands for deep-seated insecurities which may be holding you back from accomplishing your goals

You are overly concerned with what others say or think about you. You may feel that someone or some situation is invading into your space. Bath in river is a sign for firm and concrete ideas or plans that are being set into motion. You need to remain optimistic.

bath in river dream

Dreaming of bath in river is a portent for lurking danger, sin and lacking freedom

You need to learn to win or lose gracefully. There may also be a situation in your life that has left you speechless. When you dream about bath in river it is a warning for your failed attempts to rectify past mistakes. You feel you have been freed from the physical limitations of your own psyche.

bath in river dream

Bath in river in your dream indicates lost opportunities, past relationships or forgotten aspects of yourself

You are detached from your surroundings. You are trying to deceive yourself into believing in something that goes against your natural instincts or long held values. Bath in river in your dream indicates issues with authority and seeking approval. You are either being overly aggressive or that you are not being assertive enough.

bath in river dream