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Dream about Battery

Dream about battery is a metaphor for sensuality, love and romance. You are unwilling to let go of your memories and the past. It is a summary of your life experiences. The dream expresses devotion, spiritual beliefs and life’s sweet rewards. You may be feeling inhibited in expressing your identity.

Battery dream is love, beauty, protection and happiness. You see a bright future ahead. You may be expressing your nurturing and mothering nature. This signals new found freedom. You are expressing a desire to escape from your daily life and your responsibilities.

If you dreamt about battery:

battery dream

A change has occurred in our solar system, a shift that will probably be imperceptible but nonetheless profound. You have seven months to understand how this change impacts you. It will dawn on you that you feel a strong need for liberation. Perhaps you need to release yourself from the bonds of a group. Innovation is in the air!

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