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Dream about Pulling Things From Nose

Dream about pulling things from nose is an evidence for the thrills and dangers in some aspect of your life. You are rising to a high position. You are surrendering a significant aspect of yourself. Your dream is a harbinger for intellect, stability and status. You like feeling wanted.

Pulling things from nose dream states spiritual enlightenment. You will go to great lengths to protect your loved ones and your interests. New changes in your life will take you to new directions and new heights of status and recognition. This dream is a signal for sensuality, flow or ease. You are the one to shape your own experiences.

If you dreamt about pulling things from nose:

pulling things from nose dream

As you naturally love to help others through times of difficulty, it could be while in this role that you make a connection that will develop special meaning and depth as time goes by. However, the emotional satisfaction more than makes up for this.

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Ashley perez

Hey I had a dream that I was putting out lil sticks from my nose & mouth idk what that means or why I had a dream like that if anything could help me out in giving a advice or tell me what it could mean I would appreciate it.


If the descriptions for pulling something out of your nose/mouth did not resonate with you, maybe the archetype you should look into is little sticks? Dream analysis is very individualized; sometimes it’s the action that stands out and sometimes it’s the object.


My husband passed away in the middle of August, last night I dreamt I was looking in a mirror knowing I had snot or something and then watched as I pulled literally 20 feet of a consistent thick booger or something similar out of my nose, just pulling and pulling and when I stopped I was stunned and I could breathe only slightly better than before…it was so beyond bizarre


Meaning of pulling like a bloodclot out of nose. It then turns into some thing like a clear plastic contsiner with a label on it.


Thanks for taking the time to awnser. I don’t understand how to apply this interpretation, but I’ll hold onto it and maybe later it will make sense.


Hello i had a dream that i was pulling mucus out my nose and when i put them down they changed into warms and started moving

Yufrany Yanes

Hello i had a dream that at first i was pulling mucus and boogers out of my nose but then i started pulling big white broken block pieces also the setting was a classroom or school it seemed like we were playing a game


I dreamt of pulling out reams of cotton wool from my nose. I was also in an art class with two childhood ‘friends’. What does it mean?


I dreamt that I had something blocking my nose, so as I was pulling it out I kept pulling out very large objects, but I still felt my nose was blocked and continued to try to clear it and kept pulling out more large objects. Once I got them all out and looked at the objects they looked like large metal battery packs which seemed odd but I could breath so much clearer after.


I had a dream that I was pulling snot out of my nose it was like a continuous think rope of it… I’d get it all out after pulling and pulling like miles of it… then it would start again… and it always seams like their are people around so I try to turn my back and clear it… but it’s like it just keeps coming out and I have to use two hands to really grip it to get it out… like I said like pulling on rope… a very long one.

Rebecca B

Hi! I had a strange dream where I sat up in bed with my boyfriend next to me laying exactly how we were before falling asleep where I had to pull a large raw shrimp out of my nose. I could sense the discomfort in my dream and it felt so real, I placed it on the bed in front of me and small white (almost translucent) crabs came out from behind the shrimp and they started scattering left and right, then I woke up!