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Dream about Being An Architect

Dream about being an architect represents the price you have to pay in order to get ahead in life. You need to develop yourself on a mental and spiritual level. You are freeing yourself out of an unwanted situation or relationship. This represents someone who escapes responsibility or culpability. You are trying to escape from life’s problems instead of confronting them.

Being an architect dream indicates your quest for knowledge and understanding. You need to learn to work together. You are exposing yourself to danger. Your dream is a symbol for a new beginning or transition in your current life. You are having difficulties in achieving your goals and accepting the changes associated with it.

If you dreamt about being an architect:

being an architect dream

Finally, today, you’ll know what it feels like to be in charge of things. You’ll even feel that you were born to do it. In any case, you’ll beautifully coordinate the day. You’re the maestro conducting a full orchestra. You’ll tell those around you what to do all day long. Isn’t it fun to feel such personal power?

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