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Dream about Someone Else Getting Shot

Dream about someone else getting shot is a harbinger for an imposing obstacle that is blocking your progress. Your sins and impure thoughts are being washed away. You are unsure about your feelings. This dream is sadly a warning alert for your thoughts and fears of death. You feel that your relationship is inflexible, unyielding or going nowhere.

Someone else getting shot dream is sadly some sort of failing relationship. You need to practice patience. You are overly concerned with what others say or think about you. The dream denotes your inability to care for yourself or your helplessness in reaching out to others. Betrayal by someone whom you thought cared about your interests.

On the positive side, the dream of someone getting shot and killed is an omen for a new opportunity, a new relationship, or a new attitude toward life. There is something that you are still hiding from others. Perhaps someone or something has caused you to be in awe. The dream indicates positive changes ahead. You are uplifting others with your positive attitude and cheerful disposition.

If you dreamt about someone else getting shot:

someone else getting shot dream

You may feel yourself getting knocked off the pedestal that you were standing on yesterday. Don’t worry about this. It is for the best. We can’t all be sitting in the limelight all the time. Give someone else a chance to strut their stuff.

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Hi, I have some concern, I am currently with a man. But I have dreams of my ex fiance I was with for about ten years. I wanted to see if my dream can be interpreted please. In most dreams my ex fiance was my conscience. But the last dream I had was frightening. I was on the porch and he walked up thru the yard. My current bfs stepdad shot him in the chest with a shotgun, I ran to him crying blood everywhere he died in my arms… i have dreams, night terrors every night. Some of my dreams have came true.. I would really like a peace of mind about these dreams.


I had a weird dream. So this toxic person I haven’t seen in years came to me for help, saying Chris Brown is after her. I tried to show her out bec I don’t fw her anymore and I already knew how incredibly toxic she is. I knew that if I got involved, I’d be ruined. She then stationed her drunk looking self in my old closet in my childhoom home, much to my annoyance. My childhood home is the setting.

Distressed and frustrated, I stomped downstairs and crossed paths with Chris Brown who was coming up with a rifle. He didn’t look like Chris Brown though. He looked youngish and boyish, but menacing. “Yeah, she’s in the closet.” I told him, and he grinned, clamoring up the stairs faster.

A moment later, I saw him and another person bring down toxic girl. She was kind of lifeless and the way he was pressing the rifle against her neck made it seem like he was suffocating her. Meanwhile, this other person, whom I’m not sure if a boy or a girl, was eating her out.

It was a very disturbing scene and it made me wonder if it was my fault. They got out of my house. Seconds later, there were two gunshots.

I woke up and was like wtf.


I had a really weird dream that I was living in my previous house (most dreams occur there) and me , my little sister , my mom , my uncle , my aunt , my significant other & a few other people were in the dinning area talking at the table after a meal , then we all got really suspicious and quiet than we realized someone was outback and walked pasted the window at this time I was in the kitchen by the back door & we all knew he was out there (mind you this was the friend of my significant other but this particular friend got killed last year by the police) okay so someone opened the door and I was by the door but I didn’t open it , than he came in with a shot gun and pointed it right past me at this guy and shot him , and then another guy that tried to run , my significant other grabbed him and through him down to his knees as he was saying “I swear I didn’t snitch , I didn’t say anything” but he shot him point blank but it wasn’t like a spatter kill it was more like a head shot to the temple .. so the guy with the shot gun was saying something but I couldn’t hear and don’t remember but he like left but was living next door and we could see through the walls as if there were this clear glass like texture between us and him. We had dogs and they were acting strang like growling but in confusion.. I looked outside and it was raining .. and then I woke up .. I’m not the type to be super scared of dreams I just to want know why did I have this particular dream it was completely weird and uncomfortable.

Danielle Cameron

I was having a dream I was arguing with someone at a house I was living in real bad and my ex boyfriend was call over my love ones was there and my brother in law then a few minutes later three mans pull on a three dirt bikes and one of them shot my ex and I drop down crying and holding him I actually don’t know what to think at this point


I had a dream that a guy I had a relationship with shot someone. I don’t know if that person died or not. What does this mean.


Hi I Recently just woke up to a dream of being shot in a dark car park with one of my mates , I got shot multiple times in my head and uppper back , I was being chased by someone I don’t know wearing black on a motorbike , me and my friend split up the guy continued chasing me and then I hid and he went after my friend , I woke up wondering if my friend is alright . What does this mean as I’ve had this dream before but every time a new person comes into the dream with me ?


I just woke up from a dream at work, when someone I don’t know from another department has just been shot through the ears. We were having a good time and about to wrap up our day when this happened. There are woods behind our station, so it could have been an accident. Just something wildly weird and creepy to dream about, as I was just a witness and have no one else to talk to about this. It was a dream and I don’t know what it vould mean. I hope it’s not literal. I don’t want to see someone die, especially at work.


i had a dream about someone walking downstreet then i heard gunshots i have no clue why i ran towards them then suddenly i pulled up a gun start shooting someone i think i knew i missed all my shots exept one that went to the leg i couldve end his life with another shot it was a clear shot but idk why or how i didnt ,it was like the person who i was dreaming of had second thoughts later i dont know what happend then my dream changed i think i was another man different and i was standing next to the guy who i was posessing maybe . surrounded with some guys from the hood he telled me something about the guy i shot in the first dream was in the hospital and he was engaged to a girl and some people [were or still] im not sure coming after him from a place i knew but i never went to. im not sure what this all about but im sure about this part :[first dream was the action and the second was the consequence]
and then a car pulled up kept staring at us next thing the guy i was standing next to ran he didnt get shot but we did it wasnt like revange or something like that i think it was about sending a message “dont mess with us” when i got shot i didnt feel any pain but i was unable to move so i crawled behind the door so he cant end me but i had no chance to survive that i was unarmed and careless then someone opened the door he came to finish what he started he came straight where i was , i looked at him and he looked at me and he pulled up a knife he was going to slaughter me then before it happend i said : [do you even know me ]
and when i woke up his face is unforgetable in my head not that i fear him but to make him pay for what he did or didnt yet idk all those people i dont know them i dont know where to start all i want to know is what this dream or vision means and what to do is up to me


I had this nightmare. A girl I went to college with and haven’t seen in ten years was shot and killed. She came to her door to find a note that said, “Some individuals have died in this apart complex due to heart attacks but they were not from natural causes. You are next.” She laughed it off thinking someone was pranking her. The next evening… a tall man knocked on her door. Another shorter man crouched down hiding to the side of the door. She must’ve known this man because she came outside of your apartment to talk, not seeing the man hiding behind her. Suddenly, the man she were talking to pulled out a gun. She put her hands in front of her face in a defensive position and he just shot her point blank in the face through her hands. The man hiding behind got angry at the shooter and said “we were supposed to just scare her why did you shoot her?” Then I woke up because it was so horrific… Any insight? The above descriptions are somewhat helpful.

Charles Wright

I had a dream my friend got shot and i couldnt get a real ambulance to come so they sent citizens. When i put him in the car, they acted like they did not want to move. I argued with them. What does that mean?


I dreamt about unknown people dying by getting shot. in the same dream, I’m trying to escape being shot and go into a room with dogs and other people. The dogs circle around only me licking and biting me. what does it mean pls


Hi my dream is all about of kind of i’m witnessing a civil war between two large groups of people from the past.One armed group is chasing the enemy group then a person appears suddenly and shot dead one of them. That person was also shot dead quickly. Later the two armed groups engaged in a gunfight. As the battle went on I saw black people firing their guns against their enemy which appears to be nationality from a south american country.


Hello< I had a dream that my husband, brother and I were walking through a neighborhood that we have never been in at night. While we were walking there was a group of guys who started to talk negatively towards my husband, he in return starting talking back to them. The arguing escalated, I was asking my husband to please stop, then one of the men shot him in the chest. My husband fell to the floor and I froze for a moment and then ran towards him. Thats when my dream ended.


I had a dream that while I was carrying my daughter someone point to us the gun And shot my daughter.


I just slept and I dreamed about having a big party and I was trying to talk to a friend but he got shot. And when he got shot it wasnt him it was a bag and my friend was alive. I didn’t get shot because idk why but I got on the ground before even the shooting. Then after that we went over to a friend house. To tell them what had happened. If it helps my friend that got “shot” we used to date. And he is flirting with me ig.

Veezy K

I had a dream that my best friends husband was shot in the abdomen and died. I think it was from someone I knew way back. My sister ex’s. I remember seeing my best friend crying on a bed. She’s wasn’t mad that I new the guy she was so heart broken to no longer have her husband. I woke up crying.


In my dream, my fiancé and I was out at a familiar club/bar. But it was almost as if we was not dating anymore. I saw myself talking with an unfamiliar man about my fiancé problems I had with my fiancé in real life. So the unfamiliar guy then started flirting with me. Soon, my fiancé came over to us and started arguing with the unfamiliar guy. I was begging my fiancé to please stop because I knew the man had a gun. But my fiancé refused. My fiancé got shot. I was crying until I lost my voice.


Thank you. I was so mad at him, we have not been in good rapport passed few days. Our wedding is scheduled for 09/10/2021. But that dream was scary but felt relief


I had a dream that someone called out my boyfriend’s name to get his attention and shot him.


I had a dream about me and my friend leaving from somewhere and someone running up on the car trying to shoot him but they didn’t even fire the gun they just let us pull off

Peter destiny

Somebody dream where i was shot in the dream. What does it mean pls