Dream about Being Bit By A Bird

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Dream about being bit by a bird is a symbol for some hidden, mysterious aspect of yourself. You are accepting of different or diverging views. You are upset at a person, but are not expressing your anger in an appropriate manner. This expresses your quest for material gains or feelings of deprivation. You are afraid of exposing some aspect of yourself.

Being bit by a bird dream points at commercialism, riches, or abundance. You are hanging on to a hopeless endeavor or relationship. You are experiencing some internal conflict or emotional struggle which is tearing you up inside. This dream is a portent for your actual concerns about a problem or your desires to have children. You are accepting or acknowledging some aspect of yourself.

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If you dreamt about being bit by a bird:

being bit by a bird dream

Don't worry too much about how your date will go tonight, because the chances are that with today's celestial energies, it will all go very well. There is very tender and sweet atmosphere in the air, so that even if you did initially become interested because it might help you further your career, you will actually like them very much anyway. So relax and have a great time.

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