Being Charged

Dream about being charged is a harbinger for joviality and light hearted fun. Something in your life is out of balance. Your thought process or mind is clouded. Being charged in dream suggests a new sense of freedom where you had previously felt restricted and limited. You are feeling exposed and unprotected.

Being charged dream interpretation signals enlightenment, knowledge and spiritual guidance

New areas of opportunities are being opened to you. You are in a position of disseminating your knowledge and wisdom to others. Dream about being charged is a message for a relationship or situation that requires a more delicate touch. You have accomplished something that you thought was impossible.

being charged dream

Dreaming of being charged symbolises extreme nervousness or excitement

You are satisfied with your current situation in life. You have compassion for others. When you dream about being charged it points to the holiday season of fun, joy, togetherness and giving. You are feeling helpless.

being charged dream

Being charged in dream means your link the physical world, the subconscious and the spiritual realm

You are unwilling to see or accept your own personal power and growth. You need to enjoy life to the fullest. Being charged is a message for drawing your attention to something that you need to see or take notice. You can accomplish your goals or achieve success as long as you set your mind to it.

being charged dream

Being charged in your dream points to harmony and domestic bliss

You are feeling inhibited, but desire to be more outgoing and energetic. Your ambition tends to draw people away from you. Being charged in your dream is sometimes a long and pleasant journey. You are feeling calm and relaxed.

being charged dream