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Dream about Blue Eyed Boy

Dream about blue eyed boy is a message for your level of alertness. A current situation or relationship in your life resembles the quality. You need to communicate your emotional concerns and desires. Your dream is a sign for your carefree and relaxed attitude. You need to express yourself to those around you.

Blue eyed boy dream is a symbol for neatness and cleanliness. You are starting to look at a situation from a more objective perspective instead of from an emotional standpoint. There is some issue that you need to address. This dream expresses your search for knowledge and your hunger for ideas. It is time to open your eyes and not allow yourself to be stepped on.

If you dreamt about blue eyed boy:

blue eyed boy dream

Today, You’ll really be in the limelight. This could help you change what is sometimes a very negative image you have of yourself. You have a certain kind of energy and magnetism about you – it’s about time someone noticed! It’s only natural that you should be proud of yourself, and that other people should acknowledge your hard work and effort. Revel in this moment of glory!

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