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Dream about Buying Pregnancy Test

Dream about buying pregnancy test is the many desires, worries, responsibilities or needs that you are carrying with you and weighing you down. Some aspect of your life is not going the way you want it. You have let go of your thoughts of hate and revenge. Your dream is unfortunately a warning alert for unexpressed anger or rage. Some aspect of yourself or situation has been tainted.

Buying pregnancy test dream represents conflict between yourself and the society you live in. You are confused over an important decision in your life and have difficulty committing to a decision, to a relationship or social obligation. You are on the verge of breaking down and need to take some leisure time off to distance yourself from your issues. This is a premonition for a harsh personal lesson that you need to learn. You may need to change your old habits and old ways of thinking.

If you dreamt about buying pregnancy test:

buying pregnancy test dream

You may feel rather lazy and out of touch today. It could be that your emotions have taken a stronger hold on your psyche than your rational way of thinking. Therefore, making decisions might be quite difficult. In matters of the heart, you could feel a bit more romantic than usual. There is a great sentimental mood to the day that’s causing you to empathize with others.

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