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Dream about Dead Opossum

Dream about dead opossum is a message for fire, inspiration, spirituality, action, initiative and the Psyche. You may be moving too fast in some relationship or some aspect of your life. You are trying to hard to impress others. Your dream expresses your narrow vision and your seemingly lack of options. You are standing up for what believe even though you are going against the majority.

Dead opossum dream suggests a lack of responsibility for the way you are living. You may feel one way on the inside, but behave another way on the outside. You may not be seeing things the way they really are. It is a sign for betrayal, disharmony, misfortune and death. You have a tendency to hear what you want to hear and not what was actually said.

If you dreamt about dead opossum:

dead opossum dream

There could be a missing person very much on your mind these days. Is it possible that the relationship is over and you’re the last one to know? Don’t let your insecurities get the better of you. It’s likely that your friend merely needs some time alone to sort out some big life issues. He or she will seek out your warmth and friendship again soon.

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