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Dream about Dead Shark

Dream about dead shark is a premonition for your lack of respect for someone or some matter in your life. Your subconscious feelings must be confronted and dealt with before it gets out of control and expresses itself in a violent manner. You may be feeling inferior or insignificant. The dream signals how your compare yourself to others or how others perceive you. There could be a flaw in your thinking or relationship.

Dead shark dream is a clue for holes or flaws in your way of thinking. You may feel a lack of attention in the relationship. You are not being completely honest. The dream means your overwhelming fears that you have lost your virility. You may be too overly focused on one thing.

If you dreamt about dead shark:

dead shark dream

A gloomy guest could arrive today, and likely need some cheering up. Do the best you can, but don’t try to do it by cooking a meal. The results of your efforts might not be all that exciting. This is a great day to go for fast food. Take your friend to a movie, concert, or art gallery. This could get your mind off his or her troubles and your mind off your friend!

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