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Dream about Drinking Tons Of Water

Dream about drinking tons of water signifies a conflict between your primal urges and your rational mind. You have lost your way. You will arrogantly step up to undeserved position of honor. The dream is a clue for unpleasantness and coldness amongst your social and business circle. You may feel rejected, excluded and cut off from social/family ties.

Drinking tons of water dream is sadly a warning for a hard and difficult journey or path. You are worried about how to tackle and resolve your problems. You feel trapped or repressed in a situation. It is about someone in your life that you need to care more. You are trying to incorporate aspects of a person into your own self.

If you dreamt about drinking tons of water:

drinking tons of water dream

Sometimes you may justly be accused of sitting through a romantic evening with the Moon full out in the sky, and not even notice that touch of magic. Therefore this is to remind you to perceive what is in the air today. Don’t have your sights set too far into the future, because what is immediately at your feet holds a great deal of power and mystery.

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