Dream about Driving On Flooded Roads

Dream about driving on flooded roads is a hint for something or someone that is draining your energy or resources. You need to take some time off, especially after all the hard work that you have been involved in. There is a missing component in your life. Your dream is sadly how you are feeling – emotionally cold and frigid. You are not expressing your true feelings even though you do not agree with a decision.

Driving on flooded roads dream represents a lack of spirituality and fulfillment in your life. You feel cut off, isolated and disempowered. You are being misguided. It symbolises the emotional hurts you have experienced or are going through in your life. You may not be facing up to a situation or dealing with some issue.

If you dreamt about driving on flooded roads:

driving on flooded roads dream

You may not feel entirely comfortable with whatever approach you adopt today toward a loved one. There may be one particular issue that is a source of tension between you. If you want to continue with the relationship, you need to overcome your mistrust and start talking. It will be worth it.

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I was on a bus with my late mother in law anthem road was flooded with water. The driver slept off and I took charge until we reached our destination in a dream men what.

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