Dream about Elbow

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Dream about elbow signals your determination to succeed and achieve your goals. You or someone is making a commitment to work on some familial task. You can be both strong and delicate at the same time. This dream means deep trust, strength and endurance. You are becoming more emotionally mature.

Elbow dream states a higher self. Sometimes life is a gamble. You are feeling swamped from work, a relationship, or other emotional burden. The dream signals warmth and protection. You are adapting well to a current situation.

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If you dreamt about elbow:

elbow dream

The day's energy may create the kind of mood in which you find yourself hypnotized. You may feel like throwing caution to the wind, and just letting go for once, allowing the mood of the moment to carry you forward into the loving arms of your newly chosen sweetheart. But perhaps it's a good idea to keep a little piece of yourself back - just in case!

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