Dream about Father Killing Mother

Dream about father killing mother refers to compensation for your hard work. You are too picky with the ideas/suggestions presented to you. You or someone has been humiliated. This dream is a sign for someone who is causing you trouble. You are avoiding the situation, instead of confronting them.

Father killing mother dream is sadly a potentially harmful situation that requires your quick action and fast response. You are struggling to not let negative emotions take over your actions. You feel that you have missed out on some opportunity in life. This hints your limitations and restrictions. There is a void that is lacking in your life.

If you dreamt about father killing mother:

father killing mother dream

Something is coming to an end concerning your lack of confidence in yourself. You’ve been hesitant to stand in the spotlight for quite a while now, perhaps feeling you weren’t quite ready. Well, no more excuses! Ready or not, you’re going to have to push forward. The only thing you risk losing is your pride, and that is your most resilient asset.

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Dad stabbing mom while they were travelling in the car , my young cousin was present in the scene she informs me of this and mom died.. but the cousin then been expressed as young me myself…
What does this mean ?

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