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Dream about Injured Fox

Dream about injured fox is an evidence for creativity, energy, success, optimism, generosity, pleasure and extravagance. You feel you are talking to yourself. You are trying to combine different aspects of your life while keeping everyone happy at the same time. This dream denotes the positive aspects of change. You are planning a path toward success.

Injured fox dream hints kindness, compassion, gentleness, pleasure, beauty and gain. Sometimes you feel you are blending in with the background. You need to take a closer look at your behavior and actions. The dream is an evidence for the holiday season of fun, joy, togetherness and giving. You are on your way to achieving your goals.

If you dreamt about injured fox:

injured fox dream

A partnership of some kind, perhaps business, perhaps romantic, is likely to be on your mind today. You might want to seriously consider whether or not it has a future, and if it does, what to do next. You could spend time socializing, but you could be too preoccupied to participate much. A lot of serious decisions need to be made. The outcome is likely to be positive. Try to relax and have some fun.

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Dream about being handed a fix with an injured leg to look after. During the dream the fox gets smaller and smaller in size until it is the size of a pinky nail. I then lose it amongst small buttons


I dreamt that I found a fox lying under trees and it was hurt so I took it to the vet with my dad but the fox was fery friendly and really quiet,it didnt make a single sound in the dream and when I came back frim the vet with dad and fox I put the fox on the ground and it was following me everywere,just yk casually walking around everywere I go and we went home wnd I went to sleep and it jumped on my bed qnd lied near me and we went to sleep.Thats the part of a dream I can still remember.