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Dream about Kitten Dying

Dream about kitten dying symbolises feelings of being eating alive by work, a relationship or a situation in your life. Something is not what it seems. You are looking for some reaffirmation, encouragement and approval from others. It is a warning alert for lack of security in your life. There may be a situation or relationship that needs to be repaired.

Kitten dying dream is an omen for your aggressive feelings and hidden anger toward a particular person. You feel that someone else is not pulling their own weight and you have to support them. You feel others are overly dependent on you. Your dream is sadly a warning signal for the insults and negativity directed at you in your life. You feel that you cannot do anything.

If you dreamt about kitten dying:

kitten dying dream

Your current work structure is crumbling down. The fabric is tearing apart. Let it fall. You may the one support beam that is holding everything together. It is not your responsibility to bear that much weight. Let it fall and embrace something new.

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